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Folded Folding Bag

8 Sep

Soon I’m going to have too many bags, when I don’t even use a bag most of the time to begin with. But who can resist a bag like this?

I had bought this faux leather from a local fabric shop that was perfect for this bag. And just so the bag wasn’t too brown, I added a column of my favorite purple stripe fabric for some color on each side and as the binding for the opening.

Folding Bag

With the long strap over the shoulder and bag flipped to the front, you see the top of the bag folded over with the short straps hanging down.

Folding Bag

Flip it to the back and you have the quick draw zippered pocket.

Folding Bag - outside pocket

Unflip it and you can carry it with the short, matching purple straps. The added height is especially convenient if you happen to have a lot of stuff you need to stuff in there or just something long.

Folding Bag

The fold plus the zippered top adds a lot of security.

Folding Bag - zipper top

Lots of space and two pockets on the inside make it perfect to fit all your day-to-day necessities.

Folding Bag - inside

The loops for the long strap give the bag some flexibility, allowing me to just latch on a long strap from a store-bought bag until I decide to make another strap.

Folding Bag - strap latch