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Folded Folding Bag

8 Sep

Soon I’m going to have too many bags, when I don’t even use a bag most of the time to begin with. But who can resist a bag like this?

I had bought this faux leather from a local fabric shop that was perfect for this bag. And just so the bag wasn’t too brown, I added a column of my favorite purple stripe fabric for some color on each side and as the binding for the opening.

Folding Bag

With the long strap over the shoulder and bag flipped to the front, you see the top of the bag folded over with the short straps hanging down.

Folding Bag

Flip it to the back and you have the quick draw zippered pocket.

Folding Bag - outside pocket

Unflip it and you can carry it with the short, matching purple straps. The added height is especially convenient if you happen to have a lot of stuff you need to stuff in there or just something long.

Folding Bag

The fold plus the zippered top adds a lot of security.

Folding Bag - zipper top

Lots of space and two pockets on the inside make it perfect to fit all your day-to-day necessities.

Folding Bag - inside

The loops for the long strap give the bag some flexibility, allowing me to just latch on a long strap from a store-bought bag until I decide to make another strap.

Folding Bag - strap latch


Webbed for Sure

7 Apr

I felt motivated one weekend and made two bags. This is Bag #2.

Bag #2

I was inspired by an etsy shop I saw: Rachel Elise. Pretty bags. I really like the flaps with the angled color highlights she uses and the design elements in the extra webbing and closure.

To make this, I upcycled pants for the main fabric and decided to “embrace” the seams. So I stuck one seam straight along the front of the bag, and the other a bit crookedly along the back of the bag.

Bag #2 - Front

The bag uses a clasp, which is connected to the decorative webbing along the flap, to keep your items safe. It works well for security and looks great.

Bag #2 - Clasp

The bag isn’t too big, more on the small side, perfect for a book, wallet, phone, and a few other small items.

Bag #2 - Inside

There is one inside pocket for small items, and a loop for keys.

Bag #2 - Inside pocket

One thing I wanted to add was an easy to access back pocket. Since the front clasp is quite secure, this zippered back pocket is for things you want more easily accessible, like your phone.

Bag #2 - Back pocket

Since one size does not always fit all, I used some extra webbing to make a nice long adjustable strap ideal for crossbody, over the shoulder comfort.

Bag #2 - Adjustable strap

My sister-in-law’s birthday is coming up, so I’ll be giving this to her.
Happy birthday, sister-in-law!

Bag #2

Birdie Pants

22 Jan

I made these adorable pants, using this tutorial and pattern from Dana Made It, for my 2.5 year old niece.

Birdie Pants

They are made of a soft flannel fabric with birds all over, and have huge, super-cool pockets, which girls don’t very often get.

Birdie Pants - pockets

I wonder if I can just enlarge the pattern and make some for myself.

Who wouldn’t want birdie pants? No one. That’s who.

Birdie Pants

Quilt No More

15 Jan

This year, I didn’t think I made any New Year’s resolutions, but I inadvertently did.

But it’s not exactly a good resolution – I am planning for “no quilts in 2014.”

Christmas Quilts

Although I love quilts and, overall, do enjoy making them, Christmas put me over the top.

I made three quilts for Christmas presents. I crammed the making of the quilts into about three weeks. It was too much.

Christmas Quilts

Anyway, the quilts I made were for two baby boys and one toddler girl.

Christmas Quilts

The girl one has a black and white chevron-type design, a grey backing, and a nice bright pink trim.

Black and White Quilt

Both of the boy quilts use the same colors – grey, red, blue, and yellow. One has a black backing, and the other has a grey backing.

This one I call the “Lego” one. The colors don’t touch, and it’s trimmed with grey.

Lego Quilt

This one is the “Tetris” one, with some of the colors touching, and a colorful blue trim.

Tetris Quilt

The quilts should be quite nice for the little kids to sleep with, and once it becomes a little too small for them, it will be a beautiful couch blanket.

QuiltThe quilts are extra snuggle-able with a little extra fluff, plus all the love that went into the making of them.

Warm Quilt

Black and White QuiltLike all the things I make as gifts, I was sad to see them go, but knew they’d be going to good homes.

Christmas Quilts

Christmas Quilts

Only time will tell if I stick to my resolution or if I break it…

Toted, Tried, and True

10 Dec

Although I enjoy the holidays, every year, I dread having to think of gifts. And each year, it seems like the number of gifts multiply so it gets harder and harder.

So I’m thankful that two years ago, my aunt flat out told me she wanted a handmade tote bag. And for the past two years, I’ve made her bags: 2011 and 2012.

Here we go for 2013:

Tote Bag

Although she usually likes all black, I am forcing some fun, bold colors on her, in addition to the basic grey.

Tote BagThe bag has an outer pocket on both sides, perfect for storing some papers or other flatter items.

Tote Bag - Outside Pockets

My aunt will especially love the zipper on this bag. Since she is very protective of her belongings in public.

Tote Bag - Main Compartment

The main compartment is huge. I stuffed a magazine, tissue box (Costco-sized), and a shirt, and there’s room for much more. Plus the zipper opening is extra wide allowing easy access, and the material connecting the zipper allows for some width and/or height when there’s a lot in the bag.

Tote Bag - Main Compartment

Inside there’s two small pockets–good for a wallet and phone, or other small items. And, there’s a loop for keys.

Tote Bag - Inside Pockets

And on the other side, there’s a larger zippered pocket to keep miscellaneous items secure.

Tote Bag - Inside Pockets

It’s gonna be hard to top this bag next Christmas.

Tote Bag

Tote Bag

Precision Quilting, Sorta, Not Really

27 Nov

It still annoys me that I’m not as precise as I’d like to be when I’m sewing. I always cut fabric a little bit larger than I need to allow for that margin of error. 

But after sewing for a while now, I thought I’d challenge myself with this quilt.


With my first quilt, I accounted for being unable to line things up perfectly by having rectangles intentionally unaligned, and with my second quilt, I had cut rather large pieces to minimize the possibility of mismatched seams, but for this quilt, I decided to just go for it.

I was pretty precise in cutting the fabric, and when it came to sewing, I tried to be as careful as I could. But it still has some mismatches which are noticeable looking a little closer.


Regardless, I’m still very happy with the results. The quilt has bold colors and a fun pattern.

This is the smallest quilt I’ve done yet – measuring in as a full-size blanket (instead of my usual queen-size). Instead of regular quilt batting, I used a fleece-like blanket by Calvin Klein from Costco, which gave the quilt a little extra puffiness. And, the back of the quilt is black, which really makes the bright green binding pop.


The quilt is complete just in time to keep us warm on the couch, while we feed our latest White Collar addiction on Netflix…


… or for a mid-day nap on the couch.


Too Matchy

11 Nov

I’ve finally made the leap into this century, retiring my flip phone and getting a smart phone. Since I haven’t bought a case or screen protector yet, my husband handed me his trusty sock for a makeshift case (the same sock he previously used when he got an iPhone, which he explains, It’s a clean sock — see the phone case I previously made for him).

Cell Phone Case

After one day of using the sock as a case, I felt mortified to have to pull my phone out to check the time. So I made myself a case.

Cell Phone Case

The case offers a lot of protection. It is padded with foam from a cut up beer cozy and uses some extra fabric I had lying around. The phone fits nicely in the case, with the top peeking out so I can see the alert light.

Cell Phone Case

Coincidentally, the colors I chose match the Google colors. Had I realized, I probably would have chosen different colors.