French Dip Feast

14 Apr

On Sunday, while my husband was out for most of the day, he texted me, “Feast?”

Who am I to deny him a feast.

We all define feast in our own way. This is one of my many definitions.

French Dip

Since I was home all day doing things around the apartment, I made a minimal work, optimal flavor feast — French Dip sandwiches.

I used Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Drip Beef. It starts with melted butter and onions browned in the pot. On top, throw on your chuck roast. I fit as much as I could in a single layer in the pot. It was about 3.5 pounds of meat — a true feast size.


Then throw in your flavoring — 1/2 cup of soy sauce, 2 cups of water, and 2 cups of chicken broth (Pioneer Woman uses sherry). Plus some salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, oregano, plus whatever you like.

French Dip

Turn the heat to very low.

Go tidy up your apartment, read through your mail that you haven’t opened for the past month, call your bank, watch Superman on HBO Go, etc. You know the drill.

Let it sit for 6 hours.

French Dip

Take a peak every now and then. Inhale the beef-y aroma.

French Dip

After 6 hours, fish out your beef and shred it using two forks. Then place it back into the broth.

French Dip

Prepare your bread. Place a nice layer of Pepper Jack cheese on the bread and pop it into the toaster. Get the bread nice and toasty and the cheese nice and melty.

French Dip

Pile it up with the shredded beef and onions.

French Dip

Big sandwich. You might need to cut it in half.

French Dip

Serve each sandwich with a small bowl of the broth for a dippin’.

French Dip

Here we go. Feast away.

French Dip



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