Queens Linocut

24 Feb

Although I loved my dremel “Deal With It” sign, it was pretty messy and loud — two things non-conducive to apartment living. So I tried my hand at something neater and quieter – a linocut print.

Linocut Print

First I drew my design, which was reminiscent of this Amsterdam print I pinned.

Linocut Design

After making my design, I transferred it to my linoleum “block.” Ensure your writing is backwards in order for it to appear on your final print correctly.

Transferring Design to Lino Block

Next, comes the time-consuming part — carving out your design. Use a linoleum cutter and take your time. I also used an Xacto knife to help guide my carving. Carve it pretty deep if you don’t want paint to be on the “blank” areas.

Linocut Template

After you finish carving your block, comes the fun part. Grab your block printing ink, and put a dab (about a tablespoon worth) on your clean scrap cardboard. Using your ink roller, spread the ink out on the cardboard until it is an even coat.

Setting up the paint

Apply the paint to your template.

Applying the Paint

Roll your roller back through the paint to grab more paint for your template until it is evenly applied on the template. Cover the entire template.

Applying the Paint

Place your paper on top of your template, and firmly push it down, careful to keep it in place.

Making the Print

Keep pressing the paper down on the template over every single spot of the template.

Making the Print

Keep pressing. I used the back of a flat-ish spoon to make sure I got every spot.

Making the Print

Carefully unveil your print.

Unveiling the Print

I made two prints. The second one had more paint for a more consistent look.

Linocut Print

But I preferred my first print more, which used less paint. I think this one looks much more authentic and imperfect, which makes it less printer shop-like and more one-of-a-kind.

Linocut Print


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