Quilt No More

15 Jan

This year, I didn’t think I made any New Year’s resolutions, but I inadvertently did.

But it’s not exactly a good resolution – I am planning for “no quilts in 2014.”

Christmas Quilts

Although I love quilts and, overall, do enjoy making them, Christmas put me over the top.

I made three quilts for Christmas presents. I crammed the making of the quilts into about three weeks. It was too much.

Christmas Quilts

Anyway, the quilts I made were for two baby boys and one toddler girl.

Christmas Quilts

The girl one has a black and white chevron-type design, a grey backing, and a nice bright pink trim.

Black and White Quilt

Both of the boy quilts use the same colors – grey, red, blue, and yellow. One has a black backing, and the other has a grey backing.

This one I call the “Lego” one. The colors don’t touch, and it’s trimmed with grey.

Lego Quilt

This one is the “Tetris” one, with some of the colors touching, and a colorful blue trim.

Tetris Quilt

The quilts should be quite nice for the little kids to sleep with, and once it becomes a little too small for them, it will be a beautiful couch blanket.

QuiltThe quilts are extra snuggle-able with a little extra fluff, plus all the love that went into the making of them.

Warm Quilt

Black and White QuiltLike all the things I make as gifts, I was sad to see them go, but knew they’d be going to good homes.

Christmas Quilts

Christmas Quilts

Only time will tell if I stick to my resolution or if I break it…


One Response to “Quilt No More”

  1. sewinggoddess January 16, 2014 at 6:56 am #

    that black and white one is really special! good job!

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