Bahamas Cruise

6 Jan

To get away before the holidays, we went on a cruise to the Bahamas. It was nice and convenient, leaving out of New York. The main ports were Nassau and Freeport.

In Nassau, we went to Atlantis since neither of us had been there before.


We rode on all the rides in the water park.

Atlantis water rides

Explored the entire resort.

Exploring Atlantis

Saw the aquariums, including the sharks.


In Freeport, we went to a beach called Paradise Cove.


It was really nice for snorkeling, but you had to go pretty far out to get to the good stuff.

Fish at Paradise Cove

But it was nice since there were “lifeguards” who went out every once in a while, and even fed some of the fish.

Fish at Paradise Cove

I saw a stingray, got freaked out, quickly swam back to the lifeguard and told him. He merely said to everyone nearby, “Heads up for the stingray.” At which point everyone who heard him decided to look for the stingray. And then, I went back to take a picture, deciding I could out-swim at least a few people.

Stingray sighting

Back onboard, we found the best spots on the boat.

Best spots on the boat

This was a crawl space at the front of the boat, accessible through the gym. I don’t think anyone else knew about it.

Best spots on the boat

During the ship days, we’d play lots of trivia and games, relax on the sun decks, and enjoy a few fruity drinks.


At night after dinner, we’d watch the main show, see the comics, walk into the nightclub for two minutes, and then hit up the pizza spot for a late night snack.


Until next vacation…

Bahamas Cruise


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