Sharpie Art

3 Oct

I always wanted to buy art. But sadly, I think I’m not ready to make such a commitment yet. Art is expensive and has to go with your decor. Our decor is kind of a mess right now and my wallet is always thinner than I think it should be. So instead, I gotta settle for what I got. And luckily, I just happen to have a Sharpie.

So, using the stencil I made up of my husband’s mug, I decided to do some Sharpie art on an 8×10 canvas.

Sharpie Art

The first step is getting your stencil/image on to the canvas without having to free-hand it.

To do this, I printed out the stencil in the size I wanted. Then, I flipped the print out over and “colored” over the edges of the image with a pencil.

Transferring Image

Now, with the print out right side up, line it up on your canvas to where you’d like the image positioned and then use a generously sized piece of tape to attach the top edge of the print out to the canvas. This allows you to flip the print out up to check how the transfer is coming along without messing up the alignment.

Transferring Image

Then, with your pencil point, carefully yet firmly trace along all the edges on your print out.

Transferring Image

Flip the print out up every once in a while to see how the transfer is looking.

Transferring Image

Before untaping the print out, do a careful check to ensure you have all your lines.

Transferring Image

Sharpie time!

Using your guidelines, start coloring with your Sharpie. I kept the print out close by to glance at every once in a while and double check which areas were shaded in more confusing spots.

Also, use a clean scrap paper to lean your hand on when coloring. This prevents the possibility of leaning your hand on wet Sharpie ink and smudging.

Coloring with the Sharpie

Finished? I think so.

Sharpie Art

Remember that picture ledge we hung up more than a year ago? I just recently bought another black frame for it, but it still needed one more thing. Since this artwork coordinates with the black frames, and I already have a solo picture of my toddler self, I thought the Sharpie Art would be a perfect fit.

Picture Shelf

Picture Shelf


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