Strong-Enough-for-a-Husky Bibs

17 Sep

My cousin’s kid is turning one this week. I made him a few bibs, and bought him some clothes. It’s really not a very exciting birthday gift, but I don’t think he’ll notice as long as I wrap it in some crunchy wrapping paper that’s fun to play with. And, I know his mom will be happy to have some fresh bibs.

I followed this tutorial for the Best Bib on the Block.


First, cut out your fabric following the downloadable template.

I made mine a little bit bigger since I was making it for a one year old, instead of a newborn. I used nice cottons for the fronts, and then a stiffer, thicker fabric for the back so I could avoid using batting.

Bib - cut fabric

Face the fronts of the fabric toward each other and pin together.

Bib - pinned together

Sew along the edges, leaving an approximately 1.5″ gap.

Bib - sewn together

Then, clip along the edges of the neck hole and turn it inside out. Clipping the edges will allow the fabric to sit flat once it’s inside out.

Neatly sew all along the edge of the bib, and close the gap.

For the clasp, I originally was going to use velcro, but decided a button would be more aesthetically pleasing. And since I have no idea how big a baby’s neck is, the button can just be moved up or down to make the neck opening larger or smaller.

Bibs - closure

Since I don’t have a baby to model the bibs, I recruited our husky.

Doggie bib

Doggie bib

Strong enough for a husky, made for a baby.



One Response to “Strong-Enough-for-a-Husky Bibs”

  1. Lily April 7, 2014 at 7:50 pm #

    Good looking bibs.

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