Easy & Delicious Corn Rice

29 Aug

When my parents were dating, my dad used to take my mom back home on the subway after they’d go out. He would ride with her to where her family lived in Brooklyn, walk her to her door, then turn around, and get back on the subway to go home. He’d fall asleep on the subway and wake up at a subway stop way past where he lived.

My mom would do really nice things for my dad too. Like make him awesome dinners. One of her specialties was corn rice and chicken.

Corn Rice - ingredients

When I started cooking more often after graduating from college, my mom suggested this dish to me because it’s easy and delicious.

Years after she first told me how to make it, I still love this dish, especially the corn rice. The corn rice makes a cameo in many of my dinners, not just with my mom’s accompanying breaded and spiced drumsticks cooked on the stovetop.

This rice is delicious and so unbelievably easy. The rice is made almost the same way you would normally make rice, for me that is in a rice cooker.

Corn Rice

First, wash the rice. I make about 2.5 cups at a time so we have lots of leftovers.

Add your water. You can measure how much water you need by sticking your middle finger in the water so the tip is touching the top of the rice, and filling with water up to the first line on your finger (about 1/3 the length of your finger).

Then sprinkle in some chicken bouillon. For 2.5 cups of rice, I added approx 4 teaspoons to get it nice and flavorful.

Corn Rice - adding bouillion

Close the rice cooker and set it to cook.

Once the rice cooker dings, strain a can of whole kernel corn and add it to your cooked rice. Mix it up really well to get the bouillon flavor and corn evenly mixed throughout. After it is thoroughly mixed, close the rice cooker back up for a few minutes so the corn can heat up.

Corn Rice - adding the corn

Done. Hardly any effort. Scoop it up and serve with your favorite dishes.

Corn Rice - mix it up

It tastes delicious with my new go-to chicken recipe – Crispy and Spicy Lemon Chicken Thighs (good with skinless chicken too! – just not as crispy), stir fried bok choy with garlic, and slivers of raw radishes.

Corn Rice meal

Corn Rice meal

Please note that my mom highly recommends sticking to her original breaded and spiced drumsticks and mixing it in with the rice so you get even more flavor from the chicken.


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