Deal With It

8 Aug

A few months ago, I started following my 10-year old cousin on Instagram. She had commented on one of her pictures, something like, “Squishy, heart-shaped balloon. Deal with it.” And, I thought it was the funniest thing.

Deal With It

Two weekends ago, we went to Ikea and went crazy with just $20. Apparently, just before the new Ikea catalog is released, the stores have huge sales on cabinet and drawer doors which are being phased out. Each piece is just $1.

Ikea Wood Shopping

With a drawer front panel in my arms and my cousin’s Instagram comment in my mind, I set out to do a new dremel project.

First, I sketched out my lettering.

Drawing out the lettering

Then, I set up my work area and taped my stencil to the wood piece.

Taped stencil to wood

Safety first. I put safety glasses on top of my regular glasses for added protection, and grabbed my dremel (and drill).

Getting ready to dremel

I started out by drilling a pilot hole at the top of the “d.”

Starting with a drilled hole

Then, I began dremel-ing along my lettering. I had to stop often to clear out the engraved area (I used the end of a paper clip to push out the saw dust from the letters) and brush away the saw dust.

Dremel process

Since I had the paper on top of the wood, it was hard to see how it was looking, so I just had to trust that it was looking good.

Dremel process

But in the end, it kinda looked a mess before I did a final clean up.

Carving with the dremel

Once I pulled off the paper, smoothed out certain areas, and did a more thorough cleaning, I was able to step back and admire my work.

Deal With It

I sat it above the window ledge in our desk area and stepped back to take a picture for my blog. I paused to tidy up my desk, and said to my husband, “The picture isn’t going to look that good because of your messy desk area,” to which he simply pointed at the sign.

Deal With It


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