Summa Streets

5 Aug

This past Saturday, we went into Manhattan to enjoy Summer Streets.

For a few weekends each summer, NYC shuts down Park Avenue for 7 miles so people can run, bike, roller skate, skateboard, or just stroll around without any cars.

Through Soho

They have a bunch of rest stops along the route.

Our favorite is the REI Adventure Zone, where we tried out waterproof clothing and Shimano cycling sneakers. Plus, they gave away a ton of nice water bottles.

REI adventure zone

REI adventure zone

We also stopped at the Reebok Fitness Zone. I tried out some of their sneakers. It was like walking on air.

Reebok fitness zone

It’s a fun ride. You get to experience the streets of NYC like you never normally would.

Grand Central overpass

Grand Central

Our original plan was to take the subway into Manhattan and then bike back to Queens, but it was drizzling/raining most of the morning and there was no sign that it was going to let up, so we decided to take the subway back home.

Bikes on subway

Anyway, if you are in NYC the next two weekends, check out Summer Streets.


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