Chalkboard Dremel Project

18 Jul

One of my coworkers told me about how she painted a wall in her kitchen and a wall in her bedroom with chalkboard paint. It made me want to do the same, but she lives in a house, and I live in a small apartment.

So, I improvised.

Awhile ago, we bought a dremel, and this was a good reason to play with it.

Here’s my practice-go. (It says “Hello my [name is],” if you can’t tell.)

Dremel Practice

Then, I moved on to the real wood, which was really just a big piece of scrap wood from an old piece of furniture.

Scrap Wood

I carved in a simple image.

Carved scrap wood

Next, I mixed up my chalkboard paint, which was comprised of acrylic paint and unsanded grout (see tutorial here).

Chalkboard paint ingredients

I painted the wood in varying shades of blue, starting with the darkest blue at the bottom, then gradually adding a little bit of white to make it lighter at each division. I did a few layers of paint to make sure it was fully covered.


After the paint was completely dry, I conditioned it by rubbing the side of chalk everywhere, then using a barely-wet sponge to wipe it away. The color of the blues all got dulled down from this, giving it a real chalkboard look.

Dremeled scrap wood with chalkboard paint

And finally, I had the perfect place to write myself reminders and draw dinosaurs.

Dremeled scrap wood with chalkboard paint


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