Hawaiian Shirts Not Required

31 May

When we were packing for our recent vacation, I subtly requested that my husband not bring any of his Hawaiian shirts.

Since we’ve gotten home from vacation, he’s been wearing his Hawaiian shirts as much as he can. I’m not sure if I won or lost this battle…

On our vacation, we went on a Western Caribbean cruise and hung out in Florida.

At the different cruise ports, we went snorkeling and saw a ton of fish.


Fishing Boat

My husband’s favorite port was Belize, where we went zip lining and cave tubing.


Cave Tubing

I got a massage on the beach. This was my view.


In between ports, we were on the boat, where we watched all the shows, played trivia, and ordered food in pairs.


This is true love… a man and his frosted flake french toast.

Frosted Flakes French Toast

Back in Florida, we ran into the Hulk. It was hard for me to tell who’s who.

Lego Hulk

Tried shooting a rifle at a gun range.

Gun Range

Found a delicious Vietnamese restaurant — as one of my friends would say, “Why would you eat anything else if you could eat pho?”


Went to Busch Gardens Tampa where I learned my husband loves roller coasters, and I’m too old for roller coasters (so I had to play in their safari instead).

Busch Gardens

This was a wonderfully relaxing vacation. Can’t wait to do it again.

We Love Vacation


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