Can’t Quit Quilting

23 May

I contradict myself all the time.

I say, I’m full, but I still eat.

I tell people, no problem, but there are problems.

And, after I made my last quilt, I said, I wouldn’t make another large quilt, but I did.

Chevron Quilt

This queen-size quilt is a wedding gift for my cousin and her fiancé. They are both doctors and probably have everything they could need already, but I’m 100% certain they don’t have a handmade quilt from their beloved cousin!

I did a chevron pattern for this quilt, using this method of assembling your quilt on the diagonal.

Chevron Quilt - diagonals

And although I can’t sew with that much precision, imprecision annoys me. So, I decided to make a large chevron to minimize the number of possible mismatched seams. Each rectangle measures 10.5″ x 20.5″.

Since I wasn’t following a specific pattern, I made myself a handy, scaled drawing of what the quilt would look like composed of each rectangle. I then colored them according to how I wanted it to look and was easily able to count how many of each color I would need.

Download the template, which you can customize/color coordinate for your own quilt.

(For the quilted side of this pattern, I needed approx 5 yards of blue fabric — 24 full rectangles, 7 half rectangles and 4 small pieces; 2.5 yards of yellow fabric — 14 full rectangles and 2 small pieces; and 2.5 yards of grey fabric — 14 full rectangles and 2 small pieces.)

Chevron Quilt pattern

I sewed each diagonal individually, and then sewed them together, trying to get the seams to match as precisely as possible.

For the other side, I used a plain dark grey, queen-size sheet.

Chevron Quilt - front and back sides

I stacked the plain sheet, batting and quilted top, applying the spray adhesive to hold it all together.

To keep the layers together, I sewed along the chevron edges – 1/4″ away from both sides of the “ditch.” This gave it a really nice look.

Front and back of chevron quilt

After I sewed the layers together, I carefully trimmed the excess batting and quilted top along the edges of the plain sheet.

And as my personal touch, since this is a wedding gift, I sewed a little name plate with their names and wedding date in the lower corner of the plain side.

Chevron quilt with name plate

Lastly, I bound the edges with the yellow fabric (using the same tutorial I used for my previous quiltFast Machine Quilt Binding).

Chevron Quilt

This is the perfect quilt for newlyweds to snuggle up under and read.

Chevron Quilt


2 Responses to “Can’t Quit Quilting”

  1. Tiffany May 23, 2013 at 1:20 pm #

    this is amazing! your sewing skills continue to impress me. love the colors and of course the chevron pattern. great job!


  1. Precision Quilting, Sorta, Not Really | Nothing But Time - November 27, 2013

    […] being unable to line things up perfectly by having rectangles intentionally unaligned, and with my second quilt, I had cut rather large pieces to minimize the possibility of mismatched seams, but for this quilt, […]

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