Roll with the Brushes

3 May

I’ve worn make up once. My mom had to apply it for me. It was for my brother’s wedding, five years ago.

My husband likes to tell me how I sat there perfectly still, afraid to move, as my mom put the make up on me.

Make Up Brush Bag

Make Up Brush Bag

Not wearing make up has its perks.

If I well up during a corny tv show/movie/commercial, no issues here; I save money, which I can then spend at Costco; and, I can sleep until the very last second in the mornings.

Make Up Brush Bag

Make Up Brush Bag

But the downsides to not using make up are that when one of your coworkers asks you to sew her a make up brush bag, you need to be e-mailed pics of what exactly a make up brush bag is, and, when you blog about your creation, you have to use pens instead of make up brushes in the pictures.

Make Up Brush Bag

Make Up Brush Bag

For a non-make up user, I think I made a pretty good make up brush bag.

The bag has two rows of slots for your brushes, a flap to fold over/protect the top of your brushes, a nice roll up feature, extra fabric at the end to make sure there is full coverage, and a tie to keep the roll together or to use to hang up your brushes.

Make Up Brush Bag


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