I Went on a Picnic and I Brought…

5 Mar

A bottle of wine (using this handy quilted wine tote)!

Wine Tote

Wine Tote

My cousin’s bridal shower is this weekend, and I was asked to make one of the prizes for the games. I thought and thought and thought of what to make…

Then I realized it was obvious. What do women love? Wine. (I’m not being sexist, it’s a proven fact.)

Wine Tote

Wine Tote

Using a fabric that looks like a picnic blanket, I loosely followed this tutorial for a Quilted Wine Tote.

If I ever made another one, I’d probably make it a little differently. There were too many rough edges in the end product for my liking (and I used a random batting fabric which shed a lot), so I had to go through and cover all the edges with bias tape. It seemed like a bit too much work to me.

But the end product still came out great. The tote is especially nice since it’s quilted, providing proper padding to keep your wine nice and safe.

Wine Tote

And, the tote can also fit your other drinks of choice!

Wine Tote


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