Cabin Fever

2 Mar

We are getting old… feeling more achy and lethargic.

So we need to get moving. Hopefully there will be some nice weather soon so we can be somewhat active and ride our bikes.

Biking on Park Ave.

Biking in Astor Place

Biking in Long Island City

And, I started liking asparagus, after strongly disliking it for years. Instead of my standard way of cooking vegetables — tossing with salt, pepper and olive oil, and roasting — I think I’ll try something new. Here’s a few asparagus recipes that look delicious:

Asparagus soup with creme fraiche
BBQ Garlic Dill Asparagus
Boiled egg, seared asparagus, pickled onion sandwich
Baked asparagus fries
Faux asparagus cake


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