Gift Set

6 Feb

When I was younger, I remember one of my aunts mailed me a present for my birthday one year. Since I didn’t get many packages in the mail, it was really exciting.

It was one of the best presents I remember receiving — a lunchbox full of candy! I loved it.

Gift set - wallet and pouch

My younger cousin’s birthday was this past week and I didn’t have a brilliant gift idea like a lunchbox full of candy, so I decided to make her something – a matching wallet and pouch.

Gift set - wallet, front

She’s turning 11, so that seems about the right age where you might start needing a wallet, I think.

Gift set - wallet, open

You know, a place to hold your money and Cold Stone Creamery gift cards.

My cousin is into fashion, and I think animal prints are “in,” and the yellow adds a nice contrast.

Gift set - wallet, back

I hope to post a tutorial for how I made the wallet soon, fixing some of the things I could’ve done a bit more polished.

Gift set - pouch

With fashion comes makeup, so a little pouch to hold all her stuff is perfect.

Gift set - pouch

I made the pouch using Noodlehead’s tutorial for the open wide zippered pouch.

Gift set - pouch, open

She won’t have a bunch of vitamins in it like me. She’s young. I’m old.

Gift set - pouch and wallet

I think the matching wallet and pouch look great together, and hope she’ll be excited about it, like I was for the candy.

Gift set - wallet and pouch

Sadly, she won’t get that $20 I stuck in the wallet for the photos. Sorry, cuz.


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