Finally Decorated

17 Dec

I say “finally” decorated, because there is only a week left until Christmas, and because this is only the second time in my “adult” life that I’ve decorated for the holidays.

Growing up, my family always decorated — we had a fake tree that we strung with lights and ornaments, hung up garland and a wreath, and put up lots of bows. It felt like Christmas.

In college one year (2004), my roommates and I decorated out of construction paper. Here’s our tree, Santa looking over us, and a few reindeer. We also had stockings and were lucky enough to enjoy snow flakes.



This year, although we don’t have much space, I found a small spot to fit in a little decoration.


The mini tree was made using origami paper, cardboard (to make the cone) and this tutorial.


The Santa was made out of scrap fabric I was going to throw away, an old (clean) sock, construction paper and cardboard (to make the pyramid).

To make Santa, I first made the pyramid out of cardboard and covered the bottom half of the cardboard with red construction paper. Then, I cut Santa’s belt and buckle out of construction paper and glued it on. Then, I wrapped the scrap fabric starting from the top and working my way down to create Santa’s hat, hot gluing along the way. When I came to the bottom of the hat, I evened it out a bit, cut off the excess red fabric, and then cut a strip from the white sock to create the brim of the hat and hot glued it into place. Then, I cut out and hot glued on Santa’s beard, and, lastly, gave him some cool, construction paper-shades.


And, as a final touch to our Christmas decorations, I added lights across our photo ledge.




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