Hot Dogs, Kinda

6 Aug

A few months ago, I watched The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down on Netflix, a sort of mockumentary about partying in LA.

Part of the movie describes the art of getting into a night club, which is essential to “getting down.” To get in the club, you have to know about the gatekeepers — the bouncers. What distinguishes these bouncers? The hot dogs — those rolls on the back of their necks. According to the movie, a more mature bouncer has multiple hot dogs, while a newbie bouncer may only have one hot dog.

Growing up, although I remember my mom doing most of the cooking, it was always my dad who would make hot dogs. He’d cook them up on the  stove top, with a batch of onions and a pot of baked beans. In college, I’d occasionally stop by Gray’s Papaya for their recession special: two dogs and a drink. Today, we sometimes get the $1.50 hot dog and soda combo when we go to Costco.

But, I’ve still never been a big fan of hot dogs. I don’t dislike them, but I’ve always preferred sausage.

When I saw this post from Joy the Baker for pretzel dogs, I immediately pinned it since my husband loves pigs in a blanket and snack foods as meals. I made it this past weekend, sans hot dogs, with chicken sausage instead.

It was an easy recipe to follow, with delicious results.

We ate a few for dinner. Don’t worry, we had some veggies too.

Applied mustard as desired.

Ate and enjoyed. My husband loved these.

He was so happy, he even offered to show us his hot dogs.

P.S. – Here’s another great Joy the Baker recipe: Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding, and my favorite soft pretzel recipe from YumSugar.


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