Not too Sick to Bunt

5 Jun

For the last week and a half, my husband and I have slept in separate rooms.

If I sleep on the bed in the bedroom, he sleeps on the couch/air mattress in the living room, and vice versa. There’s also been a lot of tissues strewn all over the apartment.

We’ve been sick. First, he was sick, and I firmly believe he coughed in my face about 20 times, and then I got sick. Then, when I was very sick, he was getting better. But after a day or two, he started getting worse again. (I guess that means I coughed in his face a few times too.) So we separated. No more inadvertent coughing in each other’s face in the middle of the night and better rest from not waking up to the sound of someone hacking away next to you.

At the low point of my sick stretch, my mom made us congee. I ate only that for two days straight.

After the second day, I was feeling a bit better and my niece’s birthday party was just a day away. So I made a super simple, hardly-any-energy-needed, no-cost decoration to help add to the decor.

Gather your materials: paint samples, twine (mine was free from IKEA), three hole puncher, and scissors.

Cut your paint samples into triangles. In the picture, I marked where I cut. My triangles weren’t perfect. I just estimated the center and cut to it without a ruler/straight edge.

Using two of the three hole punches, punch your holes in the corners.

String it. The stiffer IKEA twine kept my triangles from moving around.

Hang it up.


Party (or nap).


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