Panda Loves Ballet

30 May

My niece is turning one soon. In an effort to beat the heat, my brother and sister-in-law had her birthday party in their A/C-less house this past weekend. Unfortunately, it was the first hot, hot day.

We sweated a lot; watched the babies run around; ate burgers, hot dogs, baked ziti, cake, and coffee cake; and had a lot of fun.

For her gift, we got her some clothes, toys blocks and something handmade.

I saw Noodlehead’s panda and made my own version for my niece sans buttons:

And, almost two years ago, I promised my sister-in-law’s sister that I’d make her a bunny. Since she had to wait so long, I made her two that matched: (Patterns from Martha Stewart and Chez Beeper Bebe)

Then, I realized I had Woot! t-shirts to match the new softies.

A bandolier of carrots for the bunnies to feed on:

Is one bunny an angel and one the devil? Looks like one is whispering something in my ear.

And, a graceful panda who loves ballet:

Oh yeah, there’s a bunny holding up the panda.

Kinda like this:

Some music:


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