Soda Holder

6 May

I’ve talked about our Costco addiction before. We often spend hours there. We go in, buy a soda, walk around, have some samples, get a soda refill, shop, get another refill, browse through the electronics, pay, get another refill and sit down for lunch.

Living in Queens, everyone at our Costco has a shopping cart to help carry home their goods, us included. But sometimes, we are walking around, cart full, one hand holding the soda, and the other either trying to answer the phone or eat a sample, and we are stuck trying to push the cart with our foot.

So I made us a soda/drink holder to make our Costco trips more hands off.

We can hang it on the inside of the cart.

Or the outside.

Do wheelies.

Speed through the aisles.

Veer right.

Veer left.

And then reach over to grab our soda.

And take a sip while wiping the sweat off our brow from all those cart tricks.

Need a soda/drink holder for your shopping cart too? Here’s how.

I saw a picture on Pinterest that I based it on. Although, I failed to read their directions and made up my own instead, because I wanted to give the soda holder some extra structure to make it easier to holster/unholster our drink.

First, cut out a circle piece of cardboard for the base. I measured mine out to 3.5″ in diameter. Put it in a sandwich baggie, sealing it over with some packing tape. This is just so if liquid accidentally spills out, the cardboard will stay somewhat dry and not lose its shape.

Cut out two circles with your fabric, about 1/2″ larger in diameter than the cardboard. Sandwich the circle cardboard in the middle of the circle fabric, stitch the fabric together, just along the edge of the cardboard (just missing the cardboard with your needle).

Cut out a rectangular piece of fabric, using the desired height you want for your soda holder plus 1.5″. The other measurement is the circumference of your circle (circumference=3.14 x diameter) plus 1″.

Fold and sew along the top edge (the side that is equivalent to the circumference plus 1″) to make it a nicely finished edge. (I did this after the next step, but it would be easier to do at this point.)

With right sides together, stitch the rectangular fabric (along the circumference side), starting about a 1/2″ from the edge, to the circle base fabric, which will start to create the cylinder shape.

With the open ends of the rectangle (the height side), fold in the rough edges and stitch together. You should now have an open cylinder.

Get a stiff wire (I used a piece of electrical wire that I had lying around), same length as the circumference plus 1″, for the top opening. Turn the soda holder inside out. Form a circle with your wire, putting it around the top of your soda holder, and fold over the top fabric to the desire height. This means your wire will be sandwiched between the fabric. Once in place, sew just below the wire to keep it in place.

Now, make the two strap pieces, which will snap your soda holder onto your cart. Cut out four rectangular pieces of fabric (I used denim for the back sides). Mine were 3″ wide x 4″ height (make sure your width will fit between any bars that may be on your cart, and make it longer if you want it to wrap around a thicker bar). With two pieces, right sides together, sew around three edges. Do the same for other two pieces. Turn inside out.

Then attach them to your soda holder by folding in the fourth raw sides of the rectangular pieces, sandwich one side of the cylinder between the two rectangular pieces, and sew together.

Get your sew on snaps and hand sew them in.

Finito. Drink and be hands free.


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