11 Apr

Ever have a bad day and just need to decompress?


Decompressing is about letting something out. Like crying. It seems cathartic. Crying lets the bad stuff out, so you can start fresh afterwards. I often tell my husband, “I’m so tired I could cry,” when I’m overwhelmed or just don’t want to deal with something anymore.

I once decompressed in an elevator via screaming. Did you know elevators are not sound proof? So did I, but it still seemed like a good idea at the time until the elevator doors opened and people were staring at me.

I decompress in the car too. I turn the music up and sing loudly. Or I step on the gas a little too hard, letting some aggression out.



If I was a whale, decompressing would be so much more fun since I’d have a blowhole.


Stop reading here.

Or continue reading how I made it, although it is pretty obvious.

First I drew out my picture with a pencil on some scrap paper, and then traced over the image with a sharpie.

I gathered 4 or 5 similar colors for each separate area — the water, whale and sky. Cut up the paint samples into different random shapes (I cut smaller shapes for the whale, since there was less space to cover, and larger pieces for the water and sky since there was more space to cover).


I worked on the whale first. Since my original picture was with a sharpie, I put scrap paper over it and traced the whale onto two separate pieces of paper, also using a sharpie to outline the whale – copy #1 and copy #2. I grabbed my blueish grey paint pieces and laid them out on copy #1. Once I was happy with how the paint pieces looked on copy #1, I grabbed copy #2 and using glue (I used gel medium) and a paintbrush, I moved and pasted each paint piece from copy #1 to copy #2, using the layout of #1 as a guide.


After it was done, I pressed all the pieces firmly down, and flipped copy #2 (with all the glued on paint pieces) over so I was just seeing the white side. Since I had traced the whale with a sharpie, I cut along the lines, producing a beautiful whale.


Next, I did the water in the same way, and then I did the sky. But for the sky, I made it overlap with the water, so I wouldn’t have to line them up exactly and would avoid bare spots.

Then I just glued the sky, then water, whale, and, lastly, the spurting water to the canvas.



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