Clown Bag

5 Mar

I’ve always been creeped out by clowns.

Clown Bag

For Halloween growing up, my dad used to take my mom’s mannequin dress form and put a trench coat over it and a creepy clown mask as its head. He’d put it in the living room window, right next to the foyer, facing the front of our house so people would see it as they passed by. This was our Halloween spirit.

To go upstairs, we’d have to go through the foyer and see the creepy clown form. I used to run up those stairs at night faster and faster each time.

Clown Bag

One year, a friend had a birthday party sleepover. We watched scary movies all night, like Stephen King’s IT.

How can a kid not be scared of clowns after watching that movie?

Clown Bag

But more recently, I’ve only had good experiences with clowns, mainly because my only experience has been with Grandma the Clown at the Big Apple Circus. Plus, I don’t watch scary movies and my dad’s creepy clown mask hasn’t been dug up in ages.

Clown Bag

After I made my aunt’s zippered tote bag, I decided I wanted to make a messenger-like bag for myself. I planned to use grey for the main body and a khaki color for the outside pockets. I made most of the outer layer, when I decided the colors were too boring, so I unstitched and picked brighter, alternating colors.

And, then, it reminded me of a clown bag.

Clown Bag

It has four pockets on the inside and four pockets on the outside, a nice zippered closing, and an adjustable strap.

Clown Bag

It’s bold and not too boring, so I mostly like it.


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