Grown Up Bag

23 Jan

My pockets have always been full.

Not as in “the glass is half full” full. But as in, “I got too much junk to carry and I don’t like to use a bag” full.

But lately, my pockets have become much more crowded than usual, so I decided it’s time… time to become a grown up and carry a bag when I go out.

I followed a gathered clutch tutorial from Noodlehead, but opted for no gathering, and instead did two different fabrics for the top/bottom. I also added a strap to make it easier to hold.

This was the first time I’ve used a zipper in my sewing. Came out pretty decent, but definitely not perfect.


The bag has just enough room to carry all the essentials – wallet, phone, ipod touch, chap stick, keys.


My husband came whizzing by me as I took the pictures of the bag. I relented that the pictures were so boring, and he responded that he’d help spice them up with a few poses:



What a nice guy! And hopefully, that isn’t the most use this bag gets!

And, since everything is better in acoustic, here’s Alanis Morissette’s “Hand in my pocket” in acoustic:


One Response to “Grown Up Bag”


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    […] I wanted it to have a more secure closure than most tote bags, so I added a zipper using what I learned when I made my grown up bag. […]

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