Fortune Cookies

21 Jan

One of the few Chinese phrases I know is “Gung hay fa choi,” which means “Happy New Year.”

Although my brother and I went to Chinese school on Sundays as kids, it never clicked. We can probably only say about a dozen things, half of which are the names of dishes we like. My brother even studied abroad in Hong Kong for a semester during college, but all he came back with was those weird capri pants that guys wear in Asia.

Fortune Cookies

Chinese New Year is coming up on Monday, so it’s time to use our one handy phrase.

For Chinese New Year, older, married people traditionally give lucky money in red envelopes to the younger, single people in their family. Now that I’m no longer on the receiving end, we have to give, which means time for an easy, fast project.

Instead of using traditional red envelopes to give lucky money, I made some fortune cookies using this tutorial.

Fortune Cookies

They didn’t quite always look like fortune cookies to me, so I stitched in a piece of paper to write their names on it, like the fortune was falling out of the cookie. I also stitched the two edges of each cookie a bit to help keep their shape.

Fortune Cookies

Don’t forget the most important part… the cash.

Fortune Cookies

Check out Jay Chou’s “Tornado.” No clue what the translation is but still a pretty song.


One Response to “Fortune Cookies”

  1. Lily February 10, 2012 at 11:48 pm #

    That so cute!!!!

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