Mirror Etch

9 Jan

In college, my roommate wouldn’t let us hang a mirror directly facing either of our beds. It was bad feng shui, she explained.

And, now, several years later, I would never want a mirror directly facing my bed. I think it would be creepy to wake up in the middle of the night, sit up and see your reflection on the wall.

The other big mirror placement taboo in feng shui is in front of the main door.  According to about.com, the mirror will push away all the good energy about to enter your home.

But, I’ve been wanting a mirror in our dining area for some time, and the perfect spot for it is the wall opposite our main door.

A few weeks ago, we saw that someone in our building was throwing away a bathroom vanity, so my husband grabbed his screwdriver and salvaged the mirror panels for me.

I decided to try doing an etch on it. I found a tutorial for glass etching, and loosely followed it.

First, I drew out my design and cut it out.

Mirror Etch

I stuck contact paper onto the mirror, and laid the cut out design on top, taping it in a few spots. Then, I took my utility knife and cut out the design, without pressing too hard on the mirror. I pulled the design off and ran my finger over the edges, to make sure the contact paper was still securely on the mirror and there weren’t any areas where the etching chemical would seep through.

Using a paint brush, I dabbed the Armour Etch on the mirror. Be careful with this stuff it’s a chemical that can cause harm. I wore rubber gloves (and my glasses), opened a window and turned on the oven fan when I was working with it.

Mirror Etch

I laid it on pretty thick and let it sit for 20 minutes.

Then, I rinsed off the Armour Etch and washed the mirror. (I read you should do this in a stainless steel sink, not your ceramic tub.)

Mirror Etch

Maybe the outline of the world and all the world’s good energy stored up inside will save us from bad feng shui. Or maybe we’ll just hang it up somewhere else.

It’s hard taking pictures of mirrors. Sorry for all the funky reflections.

Mirror Etch

“Goodbye Little World” by Remy Zero:


One Response to “Mirror Etch”

  1. Eric R July 20, 2012 at 3:24 pm #

    Hi- glad to see someone else that likes glass etching. I run a website about glass etching and was wondering if you would be interested in trying out my free stencils.Would you be interested? Please let me know by email. Thanks-Eric

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