13 Dec

I once let my husband cut my hair after he insisted he would do a good job. While he was cutting, I didn’t look because I knew I’d freak out. So, I waited. And, waited. And, waited. Then, he announced he was done.

Is a delayed freak out better than a continual freak out? I think so.

I immediately made him drive me to a hair cut place as I laughed and cried at the same time. My hair was salvaged, just shorter than normal. When I re-tell the story, he insists that he “wasn’t done cutting, and, if [he] had finished, it would’ve come out great.”

On the opposite end, the hair cuts I’ve given him have come out pretty good. But they are mostly buzz cuts, with an occassional fade.

A few times, when we were young (i.e. two years ago), I gave him a mohawk. Here’s one of my favorite pics of him with the cut, which only I seemed to appreciate:


Anyway, I used this picture for a stencil that I created in Photoshop, following this tutorial.


Sadly, I had to cut off the mohawk from the stencil since it looked a bit ridiculous in stencil form.

Then, I did one of me:



The tutorial was pretty easy, albeit a bit tedious in the beginning but more fun as you get the hang of it. Overall, I think my husband’s stencil came out better since he has more distinct features.

And, here’s a video — “Picture” by Kid Rock, featuring Sheryl Crow:


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