Hearts of Oil

1 Dec

Mother Nature has been odd this year, especially in New York.

We had Hurricane Irene and a mini-earthquake in August, a snowstorm in October, uncharacteristically warm weather in November, and, yesterday, it rained hearts:

Oil Painting

I finally cracked open my painting kit I received as a present several years ago. Since I hadn’t painted since art class in middle school, I prepared myself by watching a few “how to watercolor” videos on Youtube at work. I got home and took out my kit, only to find it was Oil Painting for Dummies, not Watercolor for Dummies.

I started out terribly – I managed to cover more than 50% of my canvas with dark grey. But once I started covering it up, it gradually got better. After I finished my fade-like background, I copied a simple couple holding umbrellas from the internet. Lastly, I added some heart-drops using a not-too-effective heart stencil I cut out of the eraser of my pencil, which explains why some of the hearts don’t quite look like hearts.

Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Here’s some rainy day music for you:


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