Hawaii Recap List

25 Nov

1. Acai Bowls


My brother and his wife enjoy healthy foods. When I go to their house, I’ve come to terms with not looking for a snack in their cupboards because I know it’ll be slim pickings. On the Big Island, they found Basik Acai and loved it. They got breakfast there two days, and, another day, we went for a stroll and they each got an acai bowl as a snack. I gave it a try, and was truly impressed with this healthy, ice cream-like creation.

Acai bowls are quite common in Hawaii, as I saw it on the menu at a few places. Basik Acai’s bowls were so good, that I hope to soon attempt making it myself at home.

2. Rainbows


On the Big Island, it rained every day we were there. Usually in the afternoon for about 30 minutes. Which meant lots of rainbows, sometimes even two rainbows at once. Pretty.

3. Highway 190


My brother directed us to this highway, citing one of the travel books which stated it is “one of the most scenic drives in America.” At first, I wasn’t impressed, but with each mile, it got more and more beautiful. My pictures do not do it justice since the majority were snapped from a moving car. When we finally reached a rest stop, I jumped out of the car, and the sky was illuminated pink. Hawaii is truly beautiful.

It reminded me of a television show about cowboy surfers in Hawaii, which only lasted a few episodes. I vaguely remember liking the show and the fantastic scenery in it. I believe it was called Wind on Water.

4. Lilikoi


Lilikoi is passion fruit. Why don’t New Yorkers call passion fruit lilikoi instead? Sounds way cooler. I’ve had passion fruit-flavored things before, but never the actual fruit. The first one I tried came as a side to a breakfast platter. It was sour. I loved it. The next one I had was not sour, and as close to perfect as I could imagine. I loved it more. Forget about calling it lilikoi in New York, just sell the fruit in New York!

Also, I really enjoyed Hawaiian Sun’s “Lilikoi Passion” drink.

5. Sunrise


If you go to Maui, you have to go see the sunrise atop Haleakala. My family has gone to Maui three times, and each time, we wake up at 3 a.m. and brave the cold to see the sunrise. This time, in addition to the sunrise, we witnessed a proposal and a couple taking wedding photos.

6. Wildlife


Among the wildlife we saw up close were:

  • sea turtles, spotted resting on the black sand of Punaluu Beach and in the water at Kahalu’u Beach Park
  • manta rays (as previously posted here)
  • dolphins, spotted while kayaking and snorkeling at Kealakekua Bay
  • geckos, spotted on the gazebo at our resort on the Big Island
  • and lots of fish

7. My Niece


Vacation with my niece, who is almost 6 months old, was so much fun. Although I often visit her in New York, it was fun to hang out with her for two weeks straight. It gave me a chance to learn her personality (fun and relaxed in the morning, more cranky at night!), attempt to change her diaper, make lots of goofy noises and take tons of pictures.

8. ISO


In high school, I took photography classes for three years. I was pretty good with my manual camera — Canon AE-1. But I have a bad memory and have forgotten everything I knew back when digital cameras and Photoshop were things of the future. On this trip, I rediscovered ISO and it’s importance. Use a low ISO when it’s a beautiful day, a higher ISO when it’s not. Made [some of] my pictures more appealing without the use of Photoshop.

(Used ISO 80 for this picture, which is of my dad at Pu’ukohola Heiau – the temple that King Kamehameha built in order to unite the Hawaiian islands.)

9+. Much More

We did a ton of other stuff too, such as the Road to Hana, Akaka Falls, lots of snorkeling, visiting a macadamia farm, attending a luau, and eating poke. Can’t wait to go to Hawaii again in a few years!


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  1. Di December 19, 2011 at 10:45 am #

    Whole foods sells passion fruit; i bought like 13 once and tried making a passion fruit muffin; it tasted awful and it was expensive. BOOOOO.

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