26 Oct

I really did not like this project. It made me want to cry.

That’s why I had to get my husband to model it. To hide my tears behind the camera.


Based on the cute pictures, I wanted to make myself wings for Halloween. Just for fun, I thought.

To start, I cut the two “base” wings by measuring from the middle of my neck, along my outstretched arm, up until my wrist. I cut out a quarter circle using that measurement as the radius. I tucked in the rough edges of the quarter circle, folded it over and sewed it down to finish the edges.

Next, I made the feather template using an old cardboard box. I used a pen and ruler to mark an outline of five scallops, just eyeballing the curves, and then cut out the cardboard.

I traced the template onto my first fabric, and cut it out. After I cut a few pieces, I laid out the scallops on the bottom row of my base wing until the row was filled, cutting off any extra scallops.


Then, I realized that I picked possibly the worst fabric for this fun project: silk taffeta, a.k.a. the one that is prone to shredding. I realized if I just left the scalloped feathers as is, they would continually be shedding loose threads. So I decided to use a zig zag stitch to finish all the scalloped edges and stop excessive shredding. But the fabric is so thin that it doesn’t go through the sewing machine nicely, so I had to back it with paper, and then rip/cut off all the paper once I was done.

The thought of all that work for each row of feathers cued the waterworks. Ok, no waterworks, but I probably would have been able to let ’em flow if I had a few onions to cut. Heck, scallions would’ve done it.

After I finished the curved edges of the scallops, I laid them back on my base piece. I used pins to mark the areas needing a slight gather so the straight edge of the scalloped feathers would slightly curve with the base wing shape, then I finished the straight edge with the gathers using an overlook stitch. Finally, I pinned it back on the base and sewed it on with a straight stitch (I ❤ straight stitch!!).

My god, that took a long time, just for the first row of feathers. I continued like that for each layer, spreading the layers out a bit to make it less painful. By the third layer, I really wanted to quit, but thought it would get easier since the layers were shorter and shorter. But, the shortest layer was just as miserable as the longest.


I thought about just doing one wing and making it a cape instead of a wing. But I powered through, and simply spread the work out over several weeks.

After the feathers were done, I finished my wings off with an elastic on each side to hook onto my wrists, and a collar with a button to wrap around my neck. I also stitched the corner of each wing that sits at my neck together for about an inch to keep it from separating in the center top.


Now, just gotta find somewhere to wear this thing to.





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