Baby G Tee

7 Oct

My husband claims he is my cousin’s baby’s favorite uncle, even though my husband is technically not an uncle to him. First cousin-in law, I believe.

We affectionately call him “Baby G,” after hearing my cousin call him that the first time we met the little guy.

This past weekend, we celebrated Baby G’s first birthday. I didn’t know what to get Baby G for a present, and my husband offered his two cents, “Something cool, since I am his favorite uncle.”

I had been eyeing this project for a while, so thought I’d try it out for Baby G. After my husband nodded in approval, I picked up supplies: a white baby t-shirt, fabric paint and freezer paper.

I drafted a few designs for the t-shirt, but decided to go for a simple t-shirt in the style of 007: “Bond, James Bond.” The other contender was a Superman logo with a G in it, but I thought this looked nicer.


I ripped off a piece of freezer paper and put it over the paper with the design. I taped down the edges of the freezer paper, with the non-shiny side up, to keep it in place and stop it from curling too much. I traced the design onto the freezer paper and then pulled the piece of paper with the design out.

Then, I took a utility knife (all that I had) and cut out the design. No need to push hard since the freezer paper isn’t thick and cuts pretty smooth. You also need to cut out the circles that you don’t want colored (i.e. I had to cut out the circles in the g’s, b’s and a). Try to be precise, since any extra cuts may let the paint seep through.

Cut out

When you are done cutting out the stencil, untape the freezer paper and line up the stencil on your t-shirt. Iron it down with the shiny side down. Remember to iron down the little circles in place too. Now, you are all ready to paint.

Paint on a layer, let it dry, then do another layer of paint if necessary. For the Baby G t-shirt, I did two layers.


Once it has all dried, slowly peel off the freezer paper, and then iron it once more with a piece of scrap fabric between the painted t-shirt and the iron.

Finished product

Now, wrap it up and give your personalized gift.

My husband was happy that when we arrived at the party and Baby G saw him, Baby G went wild, waving, for at least a few seconds.

And, since everyone loves a good theme song, listen to the 007 theme song, but imagine a baby crawling across the video instead:


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