Hot Fudge

21 Sep

In college, I remember getting hooked on McDonald’s sundaes. I was taking the subway with a few friends, saw an almost full-McDonald’s sundae discarded in the subway station, and it set off a trigger… Next stop: McDonald’s. If only other advertising was as effective as that.

But the litter can’t take full credit. Credit where credit is due — the hot fudge. There’s no way I would have gotten all those sundaes if there wasn’t any hot fudge. Man, hot fudge makes everything better.

Take for instance, this Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n’ Oreo Fudge Brownie. On the bottom sits chocolate chip cookie, then Oreo, and, on top, brownie. (Layers pictured below.) Sounds delicious, right? But, don’t forget the hot fudge, which is mixed into the brownie layer. It’s like a secret layer all on its own.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer
Oreo Layer
Brownie Layer

We served this for dessert for lunch with a few of my husband’s cousins.  As they bit into their pieces, the hot fudge started oozing into their mouths. They carefully looked to find where the hot fudge was coming from. The thing is, it is almost the same color as the brownie, and therefore pretty unidentifiable except by your taste buds. Failing to identify the origin, our guests shrugged and devoured the rest.

Cut in half

Thankfully, even just a half recipe was too much, and we still have some in the freezer.


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