Fabric Boxes for Entertainment Center brought to you by Costco

19 Sep

I am a Costco addict. On Friday nights, when we have nothing going on, we take a walk to Costco. We browse, have a few samples, pick up a three-pound bag of broccoli and call it a successful night.

After buying our big television at Costco (they have a great warranty), we decided to get rid of our coffee table tv stand for an upgraded real tv console.  Of course, we got that at Costco too.

After piling on our DVD/stereo/other equipment, we had empty space left on the shelves and decided to get storage bins to hold DVDs and other loose items. After keeping our eye out in stores, we still didn’t see anything that looked how we wanted it to look and cost what we wanted to spend. Realizing the search would take a while, I put orange boxes (from Costco, duh) on the shelves as place holders for our future-storage bins. After a few months of on/off shopping, I decided to just make fabric covers for the orange boxes.

Orange Boxes and Fabric Boxes

I made the fabric covers so they’d fit inside the box and then fold over to cover the outside. I cut it as three pieces: one long piece to cover the bottom and short sides (doubled) and two smaller pieces to cover the long sides (doubled). I sewed the pieces together, carefully angling my stitches so there would be more room where the fabric needs to fold over the sides. I kept the pieces big enough so that the underside of the box was covered too. I hand sewed the corners down on the underside of the box to keep the fabric in place.

Fabric Box

Fabric Boxes

Fabric Boxes on TV Console

Now, just gotta fill those boxes up.


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