Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread Remix

31 Aug

Since we were stuck in the apartment all weekend because of Hurricane Irene, my husband subtly and not-so-subtly asked me to make another Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread (recipe from Joy the Baker). Or rather, I gave in to making another pull-apart bread, as he had been asking me every day since the last one.

This time around, I used regular milk (last time I only had half-and-half on hand) and instead of mixing the yeast with the other dry ingredients first, I mixed the yeast with the (warm) water before mixing with the rest of the wet ingredients. The dough came out perfect and definitely rose more.

As promised, I added banana. After I rolled out the dough, I mushed two bananas up and mixed it with the chopped pecans and hazelnuts, and spread it out over the dough. Then, I sprinkled the cinnamon sugar on top, along with some chocolate chips.

Spreading the Cinnamon Sugar

Instead of making it “pull-apart,” I rolled the dough and cut it like cinnabons, then squeezed them in the pan and brushed with some butter.





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