23 Aug

I thought wreaths were only for Christmas. But the internets has proven me wrong.  If you search “wreath” on etsy, there are 19,504 items at this very moment. People make wreaths for whatever holiday is around the corner, one for each season, and different colors to match their moods. Good for them — I admire their determination and all of their beautiful wreaths.

As for me, I’m not that patient to make so many, nor do I have the space to store them. So I chose my favorite wreath of all the thousands out there and followed the directions. With only two things to buy — (scrapbooking paper and the paper punch), I almost immediately started to hot glue gun away.


Since we live in an apartment building, I didn’t want to hang it up on our front door and have people knock into it, etc, so we hung it up over our dining table where we  eat and stare at the wreath now instead of the blank wall.

If I ever do another one (i.e. when this one somehow gets ruined), I’ll recycle some old AAA maps for paper instead.  I think it will look nice with the pastel-like colors and criss crossing roads.


One Response to “Wreath?”


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    […] husband chose mirrors for our dining area. They took over the wall where my wreath was hanging (we moved the wreath to the bedroom for now). The mirrors look good, and they may even […]

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