Photobooth Magnets

23 Aug

Have you taken photos in a photobooth? I can remember almost every time I’ve taken them, but can hardly remember where any of the pictures are.

With the photobooth pictures from a friend’s recent wedding, I decided to do more with the photos than just leave them somewhere to find two years later. So, I made them into magnets where our beautiful mugs can sit cozy next to the Charlie Brown magnets and Save the Dates.

I found a Pantone Chip Magnet tutorial, which helped me create my photobooth magnets. First, I used Gel Medium to stick each photo to cardboard (I took a box from Costco, cut it up and pressed each piece down to condense it). I cut out the photo/cardboard perfectly and painted the sides and back with white acrylic paint.

Photobooth Magnets Cutting

After that dried, I used paper glaze to coat the photos. The paper glaze gives it a glossy, almost glass-like look.

Photobooth Magnets Paper Glaze

Then, I waited. And, waited. And, waited. It took three days to dry. Unfortunately, some of the paper glaze got a little wavy. I’m guessing it’s because the magnets were on top of a piece of cardboard to dry, which wasn’t completely flat. But, they still look good and my fridge is proud to wear them.

Photobooth Magnets Final Product


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