Printed and Distressed Canvases

19 Aug

A few months ago, we ordered a few prints on canvas from  It cost approximately $20 for three 2′ x 3′ prints (via a promotion).  The prints came rolled up and you have to get them framed yourself.  So, my husband made wood frames for the back of the canvases using some cheap wood and a staple gun. We hung one up over our bed and the other two are sitting on our living room floor (I’m not crazy about the other two images).

Canvas Picture

I like the canvas texture and having it “frame-less.” Plus, I love this photo. When we got married at City Hall, my sister-in-law’s sister took some photos for us. We trekked around the city to a few places and last hit Grand Central. She posed us on the main floor while she went up the crowded stairs to take a few shots. Her images came out great, but a stranger had a much better angle than her and came up to talk to us afterwards. He e-mailed us this image a few days later. I made it sepia in Photoshop to give it that classic feel.

With canvas on my mind, I saw a tutorial for making your own distressed canvas and decided to try it myself. It’s a pretty easy process, with minimal to buy. I found a fairly colorful picture, fixed it up on Photoshop and gave it a lomo effect. Since the canvas I had at home was larger than 8.5″ x 11″, I printed the image on two pages, with half on each page.  I was careful to tape the back of the halves together perfectly, but it still didn’t end up seamless. Later, I bought a 10-pack of 8″ x 10″ canvases so we can use one whole image instead of two halves.  Although there’s no seam, the smaller canvas doesn’t seem as nice as the larger canvases I had.  The smaller canvas seems a little yellowish and not as durable (more of the color comes off when you rub the paper off).

They truly are distressed, but pretty cool at the same time. I plan to hang them somewhere where you can’t look at them too closely. Here’s how they came out:

Distressed Canvases

We also made two distressed canvases for our friends who got married last weekend as part of their wedding gift.

Eight Seven canvases left… what to do…


3 Responses to “Printed and Distressed Canvases”

  1. kcm702 January 12, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

    Hi Erika, It will work better with plain printer paper (nothing fancy) since it will be easier to rub regular paper off. Hope this helps!

  2. Erika January 12, 2012 at 11:00 am #

    A have a question….. I read the tutorial on pinterest but I wanted to know….. Are the printed photos from CVS not going to transfer?


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