Bubble Suit

17 Aug

My brother and his wife recently had a baby. She’s just over ten weeks old now, and she is very cute and chubby. And, she gives me lots of reasons to sew random things.

For their baby shower, I made birdies (free pattern from Spool sewing) that I hung from a string with the “Baby Shower” sign. I sewed tiny magnets in their back so they would easily stick to things. Here they are flying in formation on our fridge:


Every little girl needs a platypus! So, I made the baby her very own Plattie, using this free pattern, as part of our baby shower present. (I also made one for myself in yellow and blue.)


Then, I got more daring and started making wearable items. I made her little booties that weren’t little enough for her tiny feet, and last night, I finished her Baby Sunsuit, which challenged me to learn to shirr.  I call the outfit a “bubble suit,” which caught the attention of my brother and sister-in-law when I told them my latest project for their daughter.

Here’s two pics of the bubble suit:  The second pic includes Tim the Bear trying it on, but his legs aren’t long enough, so a dolphin and lion helped him fill out the legs.

Baby Bubble Suit

Bubble Suit

Since my niece is tiny, I’m pretty positive this is going to be way too big for her also. I tend to always make things bigger than smaller, just in case. Maybe in another 6 months to a year, she’ll be able to fit the booties and the bubble suit.


2 Responses to “Bubble Suit”

  1. So Resourceful August 17, 2011 at 4:51 pm #

    I love spool birds and what a clever idea to put magnets in them, you have inspired me! Beautiful.


  1. Bird Escapes Bear « Nothing But Time - August 26, 2011

    […] As I sat on the couch contemplating what to animate, our gigantic 53″ bear stared at me thinking, When will they go to sleep so I can come to life and feast on the Spool birds? […]

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