Reclaiming Time

16 Aug

I’ve always had a lot of free time. I credit it to my efficiency and hate of anticipation. I’ve also always wasted my free time. Until awhile ago, when I decided to start becoming more productive — doing things that didn’t involve watching television and napping.

My first endeavor was thought up after seeing Julie & Julia in theaters circa 2009. I started a blog that had an aspect a bit unusual. I enlisted my boyfriend at the time to do it with me. The idea: each of us write about the other’s “nimrod-ness,” often overlapping stories and giving readers both perspectives. After a handful of posts on my part, and two posts on his, the blogs quietly died (especially since no one knew they were all that alive to begin with). RIP My Nimrod Boyfriend and My Nimrod Girlfriend.

My next two ideas were to learn ASP.NET and how to sew decently. I bought a book to learn ASP.NET, sat down a few nights to dig in. I still know nothing — the book sits on my desk, with a layer of dust and a notebook tucked inside it, holding my place, page 40.

Learning to sew has been somewhat more successful. My mom, who enjoys sewing, bought me a nice fancy machine as a housewarming present when I bought my apartment. Since then, I’ve made birdies, a 2-D dinosaur, a shirt for myself (that I’ve never worn), baby slippers and a few other random items. I can also patch up pants, hem, etc. But, I still can’t follow a pattern, and it takes me forever to cut fabric.

Currently, I still consistently sew, even though a project that should take two hours takes me five. I also prowl the internet for cool projects to do. And attempt to learn Photoshop.

Today, I’m adding to my productiveness with this blog. I am hoping I will learn about WordPress, as it is a well-known web publishing tool, and expand my CMS knowledge.


One Response to “Reclaiming Time”

  1. Kathryn April 24, 2012 at 3:06 am #

    I’ve been paging through your blog and I love it. Your projects are just on the line of cute, but not cutesy. I too have too much free time on my hands and too strong of a love for TV. My only suggestion to you; get better scissors. You probably think the ones you have are fine, but unless you have Ginghers, they’re not. That’s why it takes you forever to cut fabric. I’m following your blog from now on!

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