Eight Years

29 Oct

Today is our eight year anniversary.

We wished each other happy anniversary via text this morning after my husband left for work and I stayed home (sick).

Lately, my husband has been on my last nerve and I’m sure vice versa. We have occasional fits of being super annoyed by the other and then a few days later it passes.

The longer we’ve been together the better we should communicate, but sometimes I feel like it’s the opposite or maybe we are both just so busy that we don’t have enough time to communicate.

We are in constant progress and work. We will annoy each other and get over it. We will keep trying and loving and doing our best.

Happy anniversary to my husband, the man who always tries no matter how much it annoys me. I love you.




Seven Years

29 Oct

Today is our seven year anniversary.

Last night, I slept sitting up on the couch while our one month old son slept on top of me. My husband slept horizontally in bed with our daughter, waking up periodically to cover her with a blanket.

This morning, after our son spat up all over himself and me, I took him into the bathroom for a quick shower. When our daughter realized we were in the shower, she wanted to join too. My husband brought her to me and we swapped kids.

Tonight, we took an hour and a half to eat leftovers for dinner as my daughter picked out the veggies saying, “Yuck,” and cutely requested more and more big noodles.

This was our seventh wedding anniversary.

My husband asked me as we swapped kids for the shower this morning, “Is this what you imagined our seven year anniversary would be like?” I replied, “Yes, if I was lucky enough.”

Happy anniversary to my husband. I hope I’m lucky enough to celebrate every anniversary with you and our baby boos eating leftovers.

Six Years

29 Oct

Today is our six year anniversary.

When I started this blog, I had nothing but time. But now, I’m trying hard to fit everything I need to do and want to do in the day. Time is no longer infinite. For my husband, I feel, it is the opposite. His work hours are less intense and he no longer has to study in his spare time. He seems to be gaining time.

After a whole year with our awesome daughter, we are still finding our “just right” balancing act. My husband drops her off at daycare in the morning; I pick her up in the afternoon. We read her I love you, Stinky Face — I read the mama parts; he reads the kid parts. I come in for a kiss on her right cheek; my husband goes for the left.

We are both so thankful for the chance to balance all that life throws at us and to balance each other out.

Happy anniversary to my husband, the best counterpart I could ask for.

Five Years

29 Oct

Today is our five year anniversary.


In the past year, I didn’t post here at all. I just didn’t feel like it. In the tv show Girls, Lena Dunham’s character says that one of the good things about being an adult is that you can say ‘no’ to things you don’t want to do. And I just didn’t want to post. But my anniversary post is my ongoing love letter to my husband and I couldn’t say ‘no’ to that.

Earlier this month, we were lucky enough to welcome a beautiful, healthy baby girl into our family. As parents, we have to always put someone else ahead of ourselves. Throughout my pregnancy and at the hospital for the birth, it became even more apparent to me that my husband has already been doing that for a while now with me.

Happy anniversary to my husband, a man worth posting for.

Four Years

29 Oct

Today is our four year anniversary.

We’ve had a really tumultuous year – some really great times and some times we both would’ve rather just stayed in bed than face the day.

During those high times, I’d look next to me and see my husband’s giant smile. And during those low times, I could feel my husband standing next to me as he held my hand.

Happy anniversary to my husband, the person who will always be besides me for both the highs and the lows.

Big Skillet Cookie

18 Sep

When I was growing up my parents would have birthday parties for me and ask me what kind of cake I wanted. 9 times out of 10, I wanted a cookie cake.

Cast Iron Cookie

Cookie cakes are awesome. A big cookie is bigger and better than a regular cookie.

Cast Iron Cookie

In need of a big cookie? Try this Chocolate Chip  Peanut Butter Oatmeal Skillet Cookie. It’s yummy, try not to eat it all at once.

Cast Iron Cookie

Folded Folding Bag

8 Sep

Soon I’m going to have too many bags, when I don’t even use a bag most of the time to begin with. But who can resist a bag like this?

I had bought this faux leather from a local fabric shop that was perfect for this bag. And just so the bag wasn’t too brown, I added a column of my favorite purple stripe fabric for some color on each side and as the binding for the opening.

Folding Bag

With the long strap over the shoulder and bag flipped to the front, you see the top of the bag folded over with the short straps hanging down.

Folding Bag

Flip it to the back and you have the quick draw zippered pocket.

Folding Bag - outside pocket

Unflip it and you can carry it with the short, matching purple straps. The added height is especially convenient if you happen to have a lot of stuff you need to stuff in there or just something long.

Folding Bag

The fold plus the zippered top adds a lot of security.

Folding Bag - zipper top

Lots of space and two pockets on the inside make it perfect to fit all your day-to-day necessities.

Folding Bag - inside

The loops for the long strap give the bag some flexibility, allowing me to just latch on a long strap from a store-bought bag until I decide to make another strap.

Folding Bag - strap latch